How to care for your new puppy

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Things to do before you pickup your new puppy:

Call your vet to schedule your puppies first appointment.

Puppy proof your home. Pickup all electrical cords, remove plants from the floor, cover up fireplaces, make sure floor vents are secure, pickup all garbage cans that are small enough to be overturned, remove objects from low table like tablecloths and medicine bottles, close toilet lids and remove toxic bowl cleaners, keep small objects off the floor like coins, paperclips etc, close off stairs, remove cat food and litter boxes to a secure location.

Puppy proof outside your home. Make sure gasoline, antifreeze, oil etc is securely locked away, check with your local nursery about toxic plants that may be in your yard (amaryllis, begonias, tomato plants are all poisonous), ponds and pools should be covered or fenced, keep garbage cans secured, walk the yard to look for small holes in the yard or fence and check for broken objects, cans or other hazardous materials, do NOT use cocoa bean mulch around plants.

Go to the local big box store to purchase supplies (see below).

Set up the area of your home with the crate where your puppy will sleep and eat.

Establish rules and guidelines with all family members on the responsibilities of care and feeding. Put a chart on the wall or refrigerator if necessary.

Do not stop anywhere on the way home with your puppy. Someone should remain in  the car at all times, and the puppy should be in a crate for safety.

After your new puppy is home:
1)    Introduce the puppy slowly to all family members including pets.

Take the puppy out to the bathroom for the first time. If he goes, praise him and go back inside.

DO NOT introduce the puppy to strangers in your neighborhood or at the local park, pet stores of walking areas until he has had his fourth set of vaccines including rabies. This is VERY important. It takes 4 vaccines to build up enough immunity that your dog will not get an infectious disease. You would be amazed how many people never give their dogs updates on vaccines.

Your first vet visit should occur within 48 hours of pickup of the puppy if possible. We will have given the date of first vaccines and wormings, and if shipped, a health certificate. Take these to the vet with you. Make the appointments for the next three vaccines and begin heartworm treatment now. If possible make the appointment for the spay/neuter procedure at 6 months.

Call a local pet store or trainer to set up puppy kindergarten training at 4 months. Make sure the puppy is fully vaccinated with rabies before training classes.

Care and feeding instructions:
Sheltie puppies feed 3 x daily until 4 mths, then cut back to 2 x daily. Poodle puppies should have food available at all times until 4 mths then cut back to 3 x daily, then at 7 mths to 2 x daily. Start with around ¼ cup for Shelties. Be sure to add 2-3T of cottage cheese daily for both breeds until 3 mths of age. Keep canned food to a minimum. For picky eaters try Beef baby food in a jar, works every time. Lots of websites on the internet can list toxic foods for you. The main ones to never feed are Chocolate, Onions, Garlic, Grapes, Raisins and Eggplant.
Bathe Sheltie puppies as necessary, no more than every two weeks. Poodles can be bathed weekly, but you MUST blow dry the hair. If it is too hard to keep them still while grooming then Poodle owners should go to the groomer. Shelties require a good grooming every 8-12 weeks. Poodles require full grooming service every 4-6 weeks. Brush Shelties through once weekly. Apply flea preventative from April-October every 4-5 weeks. Poodle ears/tail should be brushed through once daily, body coats once weekly.

Both Shelties and Poodles are INDOOR breeds. Do not leave them outside more than 20 minutes at a time unless you prefer an ill adjusted, barky, annoying dog.

Shelties are herding dogs, a fence or leash is absolutely necessary unless you prefer to turn your dog into roadkill!

Blessed Shelties Pet Store Buyers Guide

Dry Food:   We are currently recommending Purina Puppy Chow/ Pro plan selects adult dog food.

Vitamins:  The Missing Link available from Revival Animal Health

Canned Food:  Iams mixed with dry until about 3 mths of age, then take away. Too much canned or table scraps causes serious tooth decay.

Grooming:  Slicker Brush and Pin brushes are the only two brushes that can penetrate a shelties double coat.  A fine tooth metal comb (not superfine like a flea comb) for combing behind the ears, legs and elbows. Baby powder-put behind the ears weekly and comb through to prevent matting.

Shampoos: Biogroom Protein Lanolin, Vet Best hypoallergenic or Adams flea and tick

Sprays: Vet best conditioning spray, or if necessary Adams flea and tick spray

Treats:  Hill’s Prescription TD biscuits are excellent for cleaning teeth, pedigree dentabone, cowhooves, pig ears, latex toys, Kongs, Rhinos, Iams biscuits, rawhide flip chips or cheweez, Penn Plax (won’t fray) cotton rope toys, sheepskin toys or stuffed DOGGY toys.  USE THESE PRODUCTS WITH SUPERVISION

Collars: Rolled leather collars won’t break off coat and choke chains for training only (remove after class)

Crate:  Furrari 250, doskocil 200 intermediate 27 x 20 x 19, Midwest 35Z for travel and crate/house breaking

Medical: The pup will have it’s first shot (DA2PP) and will have been wormed with Nemex at 2 wks, 4 wks, Panacur at 6 wks, Albon and Metronidazole at 7 wks.  Interceptor or Sentinel brand heartworm tablets will begin at 4 months of age or generally when your pet receives its rabies vaccine.
       DENTAL: Oralgel liquid (at veterinarian) brushed weekly with an oral b soft bristle brush.  START NOW, and your pup will have teeth all its life.

Books:        Sheltie Talk by McKinney and Reiseberg 1-800-777-7257
Magazines:  “Sheltie Pacesetter” 508-753-8500  “Sheltie International” 805-528-2007


Don’t forget to register your puppy with AKC.  The pup’s name begins with Blessed, and you have up to 18 more letters to add. In the case of an older puppy or adult, the animal will already be named. Neuter your pet, send me proof of neuter and we will email you the information to register with AKC.

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