Pet Supplies for Shelties & Long haired breeds
Dog Ear Glue, Remover, Shampoos, Brushes and Moleskin
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Four shampoos, Perfect for Shelties and other double coated, long haired breeds.
7 ounce or 16 ounce available. Gallon size available as special order at a special price.
Plumeria Puppy Shampoo gentle for puppies or cats.*See full descriptions and ingredients at the bottom of this page.
Hi Yield 32 Adult dog Shampoo. Dilutes 32:1, whitening agents added.**
Vita-Silk conditioner for all dogs. Dilutes 16:1 ***
Royal Chrysanthemum, and excellent shampoo for itchy dry skin, or dogs with skin issues.****
** Hi-Yield 32 is an excellent multi task shampoo, and perfect for all breeds. It is very  economical and easy to use.
Just one application cleans a dirty dog with one bath.  The whitening effect is superb as it cleans... it also reacts
to the coat loosening  dirt and grime...while it makes white, gray and light colored hair look brighter and more
luxurious. Dilutes 32 to 1, can be diluted 16 to 1 for extra whitening effect. Super for double coated breeds.
Active ingredients: aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, avocado oil, vitamin a, d & e. *As with all our products,
no MSDS sheet needed as these products are tested Non Toxic!
* Plumeria natural Puppy shampoo Awesome fragrance, dilutes 16:1 Perfect for puppies and kittens, ingredients
include natural botanical extracts and oils, aloe vera, & vitamin E. Super safe and all natural!
**** RC is one of the richest herbal shampoos available. Dogs and cats alike benefit from RC's herbal properties
which remove odor, condition the skin, restructure the coat and clean with only one washing. This shampoo is safe for
you, your pets and the environment. Dilute 8 parts warm water to 1 part RC shampoo. Can be diluted up to 12 to 1 for all
purpose shampoo. A really super shampoo for long haired dogs and/or those with flea type ingredients:
chrysanthemum extract, penny royal oil, aloe vera gel, jojoba oil, avocado oil, cedar wood oil*As with all our products,
no MSDS sheet needed as these products are tested Non Toxic!
***VS pro vitamin aloe conditioner is a superior silk protein enriched deeply re-moisturizing conditioner. It penetrates
the coat and skin with shine enhancing vitamins designed for prolonged hair growth and restructuring. VS is PH balanced
with no added silicone or alcohol. This vitamin based conditioner replenished the skin which allows it to retain a moisture
barrier, an effective treatment for dry, itchy skin. Can be used full strength for dematting.  Dilute 32 to 1 for conditioning,
leave on 2 minutes and rinse. active ingredients:silk protein, panthenol, vitamin E, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel*As with all our
products, no MSDS sheet needed as these products are tested Non Toxic!
Safari 451 Pin Brush & Slicker Brush.
Pin brush safely and effectively Separates
the hair. Slicker brush removes lose and
dead hair. $10/$15
Dog Ear Glue & Removers
*Dries quickly and strongly and will not wash out.
      *Completely non toxic, non flammable and
          rolls up into a ball on the fingers.
      *Does not stick to skin.
      *Attaches quickly and holds longer than other
          glues on the market.
      *Easy one drop at a time spout that doesn't clog.
      *Our ear glue comes in 2 convenient sizes.
      *3 sets of instructions for all ear types
       *We can instruct you on how to fix low, wide set or
          high set ears in most shelties with ease. We've done it!
      *Long shelf life when stored in a cool, dark cupboard.
      * No MSDS sheet needed as this is totally non toxic.
2 oz or 6 oz $5/$9
2 oz only $5
Ear Glue remover comes in a lotion or shampoo.
Only a dime sized amount is needed to remove the glue.
Remover is not required as glue will eventually wear off
On it’s own. However novice users may need to experiment
With proper placement and removal may be necessary.
Professional Adhesive Moleskin- for use in holding up heavy ears in Shelties, Collies and other breeds.
Also used on Yorkies, Dobes, Schnauzers when taping the ear. An example is shown of two templates I
would cut from the moleskin to put in the ear. Moleskin has a sticky back, but extra glue can be used to
attach moleskin to the ear. You can get alot of ear pieces from one foot of moleskin!
Professional medical grade moleskin
9” x 12” or 9” x 36” $6/$17
Collie or Aussie or ?! Perfect gift for the new puppy owner.
Included in your kit: $60.00
      1 Plumeria Puppy Shampoo 7 oz
      1 Hi Yield Shampoo 7 oz
      1 Vita Silk 7 oz
      1 Ear glue 2 oz
      1 Remover 2 oz
      1 Pin brush
      1 Slicker brush
      Free toy!
Fun Sheltie Cookie Cutter Set
Includes one 5” x 4” Sheltie and
One 3” x 4” Sheltie cutter with
Dog house, bone and paw print. $20
Doggie cookies for your pet in fun Sheltie Shapes.Each bag contains 6 Sheltie shaped cookies,
and 2 each of a dog housedog bone and dog paw print. Bacon and Liver flavor your dog will LOVE!  
Low fat and delicious!! A total of 12 dog cookies.
7 ounces
16 ounces