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Color:  Sables

Sex:  1 males

Age:  born 10/25/14

Expected Height: 16”

Expected Weight: 30lbs

Temperament:  awesome

Price: $500

Microchip: $35.00 (optional) 

Shipping: $400 if needed

Please note, we do not allow anyone to visit the  puppies in person until they have had their first vaccines or about  8 wks. Generally deposits have 

already been taken by that time.

When you purchase a sheltie puppy from us, the 

puppy will come with AKC limited registration. 

This means that the puppy IS AKC registered, 

but must be spayed or neutered before you will 

receive those AKC papers We do NOT sell 

our shelties for breeding purposes. If 

interested in a puppy or adult sheltie, 

please click here for our puppy questionnaire 

and then email the form to us. Because of the circumstances we find ourselves in, we will always be there for you after the sale for the life of the dog, however we are not offering a replacement guarantee as we may not have puppies in the future. 

There is a 50% non refundable deposit. We accept paypal for credit cards, or cash if paying 

in person. 

"Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day."

In the best interest of our Sheltie puppies, we reserve the right to refuse to sell our Shelties to anyone for any reason. Further, before contracts are signed and the puppy delivered we reserve the right, without incrimination, to refund your deposit or payment in full for any reason we deem necessary. 



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