Blessed Shelties proudly presents "Ruffles".
Ruffles is a beautiful red sable female sheltie,sound moving, and lovely in temperament.


                                                                                                                 Am/Can Ch Mau-Land Stormy Weather
                                                                                          Ch. Legends Scenario
                                                                                                                Ch. Legends Ain't She Nifty
                                                                    Ch Jade Mist Memorandum
                                                                                                                Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM
                                                                                          Ch Jade Mist Play Me a Memory
                                                                                                                Gleneagle Jade Mist Dare Me
                                          Ch. Lakewood's Postmark
                                                                                                                A/C Ch. Barwoods Impact ROM
                                                                                          Can Ch Belmar N Lakewood's Imprint
                                                                                                                Debanjer's Graffitti
                                                                    Belmar N Lakewood's Class Act
                                                                                                            Ch Barwoods Beyond Reason
                                                                                          Lauralwood Belmar Conffetti
                                                                                                                Belmars Queen of Hearts
                        Beckward Sunhil The Patriot
                                                                                                            Ch. Barwoods Entrepreneur ROM
                                                                                          A/C Ch. Lakewoods Gold Exchange
                                                                                                                A/C Ch. Belmar Hot An' Spicy
                                                                    Mac-Nel Burnished Gold
                                                                                                            Ch. Heritage Crossfire
                                                                                          Mac-Nel's Black Eyed Beauty (Ptd)
                                                                                                                Mac-Nel Lady Megan Jo
                                              Sunhil Beckward Gold Dust
                                                                                                            Ch. Barwoods Entrepreneur ROM
                                                                                          A/C Ch. Lakewoods Gold Exchange
                                                                                                                A/C Ch. Belmar Hot An' Spicy
                                                                    Sunhil Dustbuster
                                                                                                                Skyward's High Voltage (Pts)
                                                                                          Beckward Highland Dancer
                                                                                                                Chisterling Bonaire Can Can
    Beckward Wickedly Perfect
                                                                                                            Ch. Macdega Masarati ROM
                                                                                          Ch. Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM
                                                                                                                Glenhart Ring of Gold
                                                                Ch. Barwoods Sportabout
                                                                                                                Ch. Barwoods Legal Tender ROM
                                                                                          Barwoods Party Favors
                                                                                                                Barwoods Anticipation
                                              Cataway Olympic Gold (6 pts)
                                                                                                                Ch. Midas Citation of Sundial ROM
                                                                                          Ch. Barwoods Legal Tender ROM
                                                                                                                Ch. Barwoods Love Affair
                                                                    Cataway Love Me Tender II
                                                                                                            Ch. Cataway Dunade Like The Wind
                                                                                          Cataway Whispering Wind
                                                                                                                Ch. Sunquest Cover Girl O'Cataway
                        Beckward Sonnenlicht
                                                                                                            Ch. Noradel Point of View
                                                                                          Ch. Sunburst Highway To Heaven
                                                                                                                Hundi Heaven Sent
                                                                Ch. Tiera's Tanfastic
                                                                                                                Ch. Noradel Beau Geste O'Shalet
                                                                                          Shalet Show-Off
                                                                                                                Shalet's Cast a Shadow
                                              Beckward So Fine (Pts)
                                                                                                            Ch. Primo Chariots of Fire
                                                                                          Ch. Caitlin's Blaze'n Chariots
                                                                                                               Caitlin Summer Rose
                                                                Ch. Raisin Spread The Word
                                                                                                                Ch. Sunburst Deep Impressions
                                                                                          Ch. Raisin Rumors In Red
                                                                                                                Raisin's Playing for Sam


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