CUTEST SHELTIE PUPPY CONTEST!!!!!!
                                               Which puppy do you choose???????
                           Emailwith your answer!

                                                               . .
                                                                             OH, PICK ME!!!!
                                                                             "Are you kidding, you don't
                                                                                           stand a chance."
                                                    "We Win, puppies in a basket
                                                                            always the cutest."
                                                                                                                "Pick me, I win for absolute cutest face,
                                                                                                                  and the exact same leg marking. Plus,
                                                                                                                         I am so petite and feminine."

                                                                       ."We Should Win for MOST INCORRIGIBLE."

                                                                  ."Pick me for MS. PERSONALITY." 
                                                             ."Are you kidding, don't take that photo!"

                                                                        .    "Yeah, but who couldn't love this face??????"
                                                             . "Can we get this over with, or WHAT?"


                                                           "Give me the mouse already, or I quit!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                                 .  (shout,zuzu,chippet,peewee,cindy,sophie)
                                                                            "Hey look, there's MOM, and she has that blasted camera again."

                                                         .   . "I win for reddest pup, or BEST COLOR. hahahaha"
                                                                "Hey wait a minute, I want BEST COLOR,
                                                                  Besides, I have polka dots on MY face." (tommy)
                                                               .Hey, where did THAT come from?"
                                 "He's gonna get in trouble playing with that yarn."
                                 "Nah, that's Spanky the CAT, he doesn't get in
                                 trouble for anything, but just wait until we try to
                                 play with the house plants. Hoo, boy!"

      . (cinder)

   .                                                                                   "Can I win for MS SOPHISTICATED?"

                                                           "Sure why not, but I'm gonna win for FUZZIEST and 
                                                                               being double jointed. How did I do that with my front?" (rachel)

                                                          (savoie)"Hey, where the heck did he come
                                 from?  Get off our page." "NO WAY, I am going to
                                 show you guys what cute IS!!!"

                                                                    "Is he kidding, is there any doubt who's the cutest here???"  (grouchy,rocket,shaka)

                                                                ."Ha, just because you are in a x-mas basket doesn't
                                                                                     (cindyjenkins)mean you are cutest.  Look at me I'm under the tree.  And, I smell treats...."



    .                                                      . "How come that silly looking creature doesn't fly away?
                                                             (judyfraleycabana)              Hmm...wonder what it tastes like?"

                                                        ."We've been playing hide and seek so long...
                                                   Wonder if mom is ever going to find us? zzzZZZZ......." (kathyepley)


                                                                  ."Who cares about cutest,
                                                             (mariecranetwincreeks) I'm getting bored already.  Can we get down? Please, can we? Please?"

                                                           ."The hills are alive with the Sound of Music....."

                                                               ."I am definitely the winner for MOST ATHLETIC" "That silly
                                                              (fanfarestaffan)       poodle only LOOKS at his toy!!"
                                                                        ."What, you lookin' at somethin'"
                                                                            "I ain't entering no stinking contest!!!"   (serenashantel)

                                                                  ."I'm cute and into trouble, Wow what a combination!"

            .                                                            "I win for longest tongue, oh and waggiest tail."

                                                                  ."Ok, get away from my toys, contest or
                                                                                   (tammyiona)                                                               no contest"

                                                                              ."Hey Mom, forget about the contest, 
                                                                       where are all my presents???"        (waltkris)

                                                                          ."Help, help help save me from these funny white gloves
                                                                                 (sheltiemom)                                                                          and big red suit!!!!!"

                                                                                  "Ok, Santa I want beef jerky and 
                                                                pig ears, and a fuzzy man and a new collar and....."  (rush)

                                                                                 ."Oh mom, the absolute embarrassment of this basket."

                                                                           .       .EMAIL    .            .

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