All Breed Dog, Cat and animal stencils.
These stencils are all designed at We’re Blessed Farms, llc. Each one
Is hand cut to order.  As champion show breeders for over 40 years, we
Know what each special breed looks like, and design our stencils from
Top winning show dogs. Stencils come in 3 sizes, and two thickness levels.
We have both 10 mil and 20 mil stencil plastic. The lightweight is perfect
For wall art, scrap booking and lightweight fabric. The 20 mil works great
On thick or textured fabric or walls. We can make ANY breed of dog, cat
Horse, any animal you can name. Even if your breed is not shown, rest
Assured we will design your stencil to the same detail as those shown below.
Shipping is always free with our stencils and appliques. Even though we
Offer 3 sizes, we can make the stencils to your specifications as large as
Approximately 10” x 11”.
Size & Thickness
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Standing or moving
Sheltie head or body
Sheltie detailed
Please note some of the photos are old images pulled from
The Internet after I lost my first computer. New photos will
Be added soon I hope :) Hopefully they give you an idea.