A blue merle female Sheltie

Facts about "Winter"

1) Temperament- calm, easy going, docile, slightly reserved, typical female Sheltie, somewhat inaffectionate and not overly playful.
How to care for your new adult Sheltie

2) Health - good, born July 21, 2005 current on all vaccines and worming, at this time we know of no health issues

3)Color- blue merle, white & tan, full white collar, one blue eye

4)Size- just under 16" and weighs 26 lbs, she is a full bodied girl with good bone in perfect weight

5)We are placing her because we want to. No other strange, bizarre or weird reason. We want a certain number of dogs, and Winter wants/deserves a great new home.

6)No she is not housebroken for YOUR home. It would take about 2-3 weeks for her to learn your situation. She is crate trained and leash broken. No she does not HAVE to stay in a crate, in fact I wouldn't want her to always be in a crate. It just means she would not make a mess in the crate. It does not mean we keep her in a crate 24 hours a day. In fact she is almost never in a crate. Housebreaking information


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